M.A. Integrative Art Psych. Dip. B.Ed.

HCPC registered Art Psychotherapist

UKCP registered Clinical Psychotherapist





A lifetime of involvement in the arts in various capacities has led me to believe that engaging with the arts is a healthy human phenomenon and sometimes images and metaphor can say more than a thousand words.


For more than 22 years I worked with young people who have emotional and learning difficulties teaching Art/DT and Drama. I am founder member of a number of groups including a contemporary dance group and a community arts group.


Passionate about the power of psychotherapy, the mind and the body connection, expression and the arts to change lives, I work with private clients, charities and business exploring various challenging and painful aspects of life.


I have worked in a variety of settings with children and adults. This has included:


— working as an Honorary Arts Psychotherapist in a psychiatric hospital

— at a charity for adults with enduring mental health difficulties

— at MIND offering Arts psychotherapy to adults with Borderline Personality


— supporting Foster Carers

— with refugee groups

— at a hospice

— in special and mainstream schools

— in private practice


Currently, my private psychotherapy practice is in Bury St Edmunds. 


I am a director of two Community Interest Companies- The Golden Yew Project,

for more information see our website  www.thegoldenyewproject.org

and All Ways Making www.allwaysmaking.co.uk




M.A. Integrative Arts Psychotherapy.

Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education. IATE

EMDR therapist: EMDR Training Academy


Advanced Diploma in the therapeutic and educational application of the arts. IATE

Certificate in Couples Counselling : Paul Hitchings

Certificate in Walking Therapy: Jonathan Hoban

Certificate in Essential Supervision Skills (BPS approved certificate in clinical supervision)

Certificate in Counselling Skills : IATE

B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education)





The Master Series, Europe's Largest Trauma and Mental Health Conference

University of Oxford, 31st August - 3rd September 2023

Bessel van der Kolk, Stephen Porges, Peter Levine, Deb Dana, Cathy Malchiodi, Sue Carter, Linda Thai, Richard Schwartz, Eugene Ellis, Janina Fisher, Julia Samuel, Ruth Cohn

Working with Sexuality: Bodies, Desires and Imagination: Confer 2023

An Introduction to Energy Psychotherapy, new techniques for working with triggers and dysregulation - Confer - Phil Mollon, Ruthie Smith, Paul Croal, Nina Parker

Dick Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems Master Class: Experience IFS in Action with Complex Trauma and PTSD - Psychotherapy Networker - May 2022

EMDR (8 day acreddited training course) complying with EMDR Europe standards Part 1-Part 4 : EMDR Training Academy , November 2021- April 2022

Sexuality in the therapeutic space: breaking the silence and reducing shame: nscience, seminar with Christianne Sanderson, February 2022

The Hidden Nature of Sibling Sexual Abuse: NScience, October 2021

Unfolding Age, the transition into elderhood in the psychotherapy process : Confer : September 2021

Working with the body online: Ellie Gilbertson, July 2021

The Art of Letting Go :Confer, July 2021

Animation and story making workshop with artist Tony Gammidge: BAAT regional group. April 2021

Bodydreaming: Integrating body,mind and psyche in the treatment of developmental trauma : Confer, Marian Dunlea and Wendy Bratherton,

March 2021

The Web of Shame in the therapeutic space: Essential Therapy Training, Christiane Sanderson, March 2021

A Matter of Death and Life - Irvin Yalom online events 8th March 2021

How Siblings shape our lives: A group analytic exploration of the sibling matrix: Essential Therapy Training, 15th & 27th Feb 2021

Learning from Life, the aquisition of psychoanalytic wisdom: Patrick Casement, Confer online. February 2021

Post-Slavery Syndrome: exploring the clinical impact of the trans-atlantic slave trade: Confer online. February 2021

Lifelong Consequences to a Lack of Early Attunement: Relational Spaces,Katrin Stauffer. November 2020

Towards an Ecopsychotherapy: Cambridge Jungian Circle, Mary-Jayne Rust November 2020

Working Therapeutically with Disordered Eating: Cambridge Forum, Julia Buckroyd. October 2020

Outdoor Art Therapy: BAAT. July 2020

Polyvagal Theory in Action: Creating safety and connection with trauma clients. with Deb Dana. PESI UK. June 2020

The Inflammatory Response: understanding inflammation and the immune system in states of mind. Confer: February 2020

On Loneliness: Therapeutic growth and the capacity for solitude. Confer. January 2020

Self-care in Counselling and Psychotherapy: University of Cambridge; Charlie Blowers; Nov 2019.

Sleepwalking into the Anthropocene :UKCP Conference 2019

Couples Counselling Certificate : Paul Hitchings ( April 2019 )

Working with High Intensity States of Consciousness :Confer ( December 2018 )

Core Principles of Supervising Art Therapies : ICAPT The International Centre for Arts Psychotherapies training. CNWL NHS Foundation Trust (October 2018)

Fragile Selves: Working with Narcissistic and Borderline States of Mind.

Confer online (2018-2019)

How Art Heals: Integrating Practice and Research. Professor Shaun McNiff. The London Art Therapy Centre. (September 2018)

The Secrets of Effective Groupwork: 2 day workshop. WPF therapy. London Bridge. SE1 2EN. (April 2018.)

Rooting our practice in nature. Powder Mill, Sussex. (April 2018)

Expert Strategies for working with Anxiety. NICABM. (March 2018)

The Body in the Mind and the Mind in the Body. Gillie Gilbert:Centre for Biodynamic Psychotherapy. N19. (November 2017)

Embodied Approaches to Psychotherapy:Confer online (2017-2018)

The Landscapes of Grief :Confer. Julia Samuels. (July 2017)

Eco-Psychotherapy: Confer (March 2017)

Psychotherapeutic work with Intergenerational Trauma: Confer (March 2017)

Resolving clinical dilemmas in Therapy:Susie Orbach (January 2017)

Psychotherapy and the Natural World:Confer. (November 2016)

When words are not enough: Dance, drama and music in the treatment and transformation of trauma:Confer. (October 2016)

Jungian Sandplay Training Day:Sue Chapman. (October 2016)

Mindful Self Compassion:London Mindful Practitioners Group (September 2016)

Clinical Implications and Applications of the Adult Attachment Interview with Dan Siegel:PESI online training (July 2016)

Spring Psychoanalytic Poetry Festival 2016:The Freud Museum and The Poetry Society. (March 2016)

Claire Marie Collins Life Coach (October 2015)

Painting from the imagination: Emma Cameron (August 2015)

Lead like a river, make a difference in the world: a mind and body journey in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco using Nature as your teacher.

(July 2015)

The Body keeps the Score. Mind, Brain and Body in the transformation of trauma: Bessel Van der Kolk. CCMH. (May 2015)

The neuroscience of our emotional lives: Jaak Panksepp. CCMH. (April 2015)

Trauma and Mindfulness. NICABM. (2014)

Child development conference with Graham Music.(2014)

Attachment and the Arts Conference BAAT (June 2014)

Children's Accelerated Trauma Treatment (CAAT) training to level 2




I am an HCPC registered Integrative Arts Psychotherapist.

This is a protected title by law to ensure high standards of proficiency.



I am a UKCP registered Clinical Psychotherapist. 


As a qualified psychotherapist, I undertake regular supervision. This is integral to my work and is a place to reflect on what we do and to ensure the relevance, quality and integrity of our work.


I am a member of and adhere to the codes of professional practice of the IATE (The Institute for Arts in Therapy & Education)

HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council),

UKCP registration (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and

BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists)


I have an up to date enhanced DBS certificate and full insurance.